Online Gambling License

There are a number of Jurisdictions worldwide that an internet gambling operation can get their product licensed to be able to offer gambling through the internet. It is fair to say that these laws are changing on almost a daily basis and online companies would have a compliance officer to ensure that the organisation is working within the law whichever geos they are targeting. After deciding on which software to use, where to obtain an Online Gambling License would probably be the biggest decision an online company makes,

Online gambling license jurisdictions differ in many ways, from tax regimes to rules and regulations on the protection of players and some licenses are extremely difficult to acquire while others are relatively easy.

Some of the more well known online gambling license Jurisdictions are known to be tax beneficial to both the company and the individual. It is no coincidence that the majority of online gaming companies are licensed here and these include:



Isle of Man



There are other popular online gambling license jurisdictions which might be considered as ‘cheaper’ options to obtain a license – these include:


Costa Rica




There are certain countries that do not allow online gaming companies to operate from their jurisdiction unless they have a specific license from that particular jurisdiction. Some examples are:





We can think of at least 40 online gambling license jurisdictions who do not allow any form of online gambling to take place within their jurisdiction mostly for religious reasons, These include:



North Korea


Should you require further information about obtaining an online gambling license, please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will put you in touch with experienced people who can assist you in setting up. They would also be able to offer other services such as hosting, recruitment, obtaining property, reliable and fast internet among other benefits.

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