Welcome to melabet, where we are here to make sure that you get the most out of your Sportsbetting experience. Millions of people bet on sport on a daily basis – some win, some lose – but through the pages here we will make sure that you are able to get the best value out of your betting. This site is written by Sports betting industry insiders with years of experience and happy to share some of the tricks of the trade.

To the majority of people who do enjoy an occasional Sports bet, it provides them with the thrill of being able to add another element to the Sports viewing experience.


So, what will you find here at melabet?


Sportsbook Reviews

Honest, completely honest reviews. There is no perfect Sportbook and ultimately different people look for different things in the Sportsbooks. Saying that, melabet won’t hold anything back with our opinions and our thoughts.


Sportsbook Bonuses

Most people love a freebet or a little more value for their money and melabet will publish all the Sportsbook Offers and or codes that we can get our hands on to give you the best value possible. You can find them on our ‘Get Your Bonus‘ page.


Betting Strategy

Here we’ll discuss different techniques you can use to give yourself the best chance at making money when gambling. From ‘Insider tips‘ to ‘Weaknesses in the Sportsbook‘ and odds compiling, dutching, arbing, sharbing, matched betting and more. Please don’t blame melabet if you get your betting accounts restricted or closed due to professional betting techniques though!


Betting FAQ’s

Over here you’ll find the melabet A-Z dictionary of anything Sportsbetting related. There are also guides on Bet Types, Bet Market Types, Pre-match and Live Betting. You can use these pages as a knowledge bank to improve your Sportsbetting general knowledge.


Online Gambling

Here you’ll find pages on other topics such as Sportsbetting Providers, Online Gambling License Jurisdictions, an extremely informative section on Player Protection too.  All topics that pertain to the online gambling industry in general.



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