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Mela, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading some, if not most, if not all of our pages and you probably feel like you’re getting a strong grasp of the world of online Sportsbetting. If that’s the case then trust us, we are delighted to hear that.

The purpose of our Melabet blog section is to get guest writers involved who are experts in their field in the online Sportsbetting industry. It could be by articles by professional punters or experienced people who work behind the scenes in different igaming departments.

It could also be that you disagree with any of our articles and you would like to share your take on the topic in question. Or you might want to add more value to what we have written. Here is your opportunity to get involved.

If you would like to contribute please don’t hesitate to contact us at – we are extremely open minded people that are looking for content from interesting people. Go on, make a name for yourself and get in contact with us.

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