Matched Betting

Matched betting is the technique of using different Sportsbook offers to be able to guarantee you a profit whatever the outcome of an event. This is a perfectly legal strategy to use and there are no Sportsbook Terms and Conditions that can refuse a punter from trying the technique. To be successful at matched betting, discipline is the ultimate key and some people are able to supplement their income very well through carefully executed matched betting.

While traditional methods of gambling rely on the punters ability to predict results, matched betting uses mathematical formulas and no form of gambling is actually happening.


How does Matched Betting work?

With so many Sportsbooks out there trying to get you to punt with them, most have quite generous offers for new customers to open an account with them. These ‘Welcome Offers’ as they are referred to, can come in different forms for example:

100% Deposit bonus up to £/€100

Bet £/€5 and get a £/€20 Free bet

If your 1st bet loses, get your money back


Let’s take one of them as an example…

If your 1st bet loses, get your money back

So, you open an account with the Sportsbook that has this offer and for example, place a bet of £/€10 on Man Utd to beat Spurs at odds 2.0. You then go on the Betting exchange ( and LAY your bet (bet on Spurs and the draw).

If Man Utd win, you win £/€10 from the sportsboook but lose £/€10 on the exchange – you stay equal

If Man Utd DON’T win, you lose £/€10 from the sportsboook but win £/€10 on the exchange – you stay equal – however now you have a £/€10 Free Bet at the sportsbook which you do exactly the same with.


Main problems encountered with Matched Betting

Bookmakers Terms and Conditions – If we were to be truly honest, how many people can put their hand on their heart and say that yes, they do read all the Terms and Conditions that they sign up for when it comes to Welcome Offers and Bonuses in a Sportsbook?

Terms and Conditions are added by Sportsbooks to make the conversion of bonus money into withdrawable money more difficult and to be really successful at matched betting, it’s crucial to spend an extra 10 minutes reading them.


Discipline – More people fail than succeed trying matched betting in the long-term due to the incredible levels of patience, self-control and discipline required to recognise that matched betting is not gambling. You will see gains in your betting balance using Matched betting however the progress can be painfully slow.


What do you need to start Matched Betting?

A small budget – £/€50 to £/€100 is usually enough

A computer / laptop or mobile device with internet

To be 18 years or older (or legal to gamble in your jurisdiction)

A bit of patience and time (it’s worth it!)