Pre-match betting

Pre-match betting is betting on the outcome of an event or a part of an event – before the start of that event (apologies of the excessive use of the word ‘event’). If you go back 10 years or so, the majority of Sports Bets took this form but more recently there has been a growing shift towards live betting being more popular.

Pre-match betting perhaps is less emotional than Live betting as you are not swayed by the progress of the event that you are betting on. As a punter you have time to carefully analyse and select your Pre-match bet (and Sporstbooks don’t really like this!).

Betting limits on Pre-match events are traditionally lower than on live events. There is no way that a Sportsbook trading team can have all the possible information about every team/player/lineup/injuries/players not being paid etc and they certainly would not have much (if any) information about some low league teams or minor sports that they might offer. For this reason, Pre-match limits on Romanian woman’s handball for example may be £/€25 max bet while the same match in live betting might be £/€100 max bet.


Quickfire questions

Can you combine a Pre-match bet with a Live bet? Yes, all Sportsbooks allow this.

Should I focus on Pre-match or Live betting? There is no correct answer here but we would recommend to specialise in only one of them.

Should I focus on a particular bet type in Pre-match betting? It would be unlikely to find a flaw within a bet type (although they can occur), we would recommend specialising in a Sport or League.

Pre-match singles or multiples? Singles for smart betting – multiples to try and win a large amount of money recreationally.

Why are there so many betting options in Pre-match betting? We agree, there does seem to be a slight overkill in the amount of markets per match however if Sportsbooks offer less product then they will be seen as not competing.


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