Sharbing is the technique of using a betting shop and the betting exchange to place your arbitration/arb bets. The main advantage of sharbing is that you won’t have to worry about your online betting accounts being restricted which would happen quite quickly if you are constantly using arbing techniques online.

If you have landed on this page by accident it would be worth having a read the betting exchanges and arbing articles first to make sure you are up to speed with both. Arbing is placing a bet with a Sportsbook and then playing a bet on the opposite outcome (laying it) on the betting exchange and locking in a profit in the process. Sportsbooks do not like customers engaging in this behaviour and subsequently limit these customer accounts.


How to stay undetected in the shop

Try to use betting terminals as much as possible. Many shops are equipped with them and you can safely do your betting through these. If the shop doesn’t have a terminal, try to double check the odds before taking your betting slip to the cash desk to make sure the odds are still the same (use a mobile device to check or call a friend).

Don’t be greedy! Try not to go in with thousands of cash to a shop to place a sharb bet – of course you want to try and maximise how much you get on your bet but stay within reasonable limits. Anything over £/€500 on even a major league game might look suspicious.

Always use cash. By doing so you wouldn’t be able to be linked to your online account.

If you place your bet through the cashier and they tell you that your bet will be over the maximum limit, place the maximum bet and then go to another shop and repeat the process – you now know what the maximum limit is for that bet.

If you place your bet through the cashier and they tell you that the odds have changed, simply move on to your next bet.


Sharbing done well can be a nice little supplement to your income – however always stay in full control and remember to lay off those bets!